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About Us

Waving Tree Winery
123 Maryhill Hwy
Goldendale, WA  98620
phone 509-773-6552


Waving Tree Winery-founded in 2001- is owned and operated by the Atkins Family.  Terrence Atkins (father), Kimiko Atkins (daughter), Takashi Atkins (son) and Janet Detering are all part of the LTD.  Each member of the family contributes to the success of the winery.  Takashi is the winemaker and Terrence is the CEO of Waving Tree Winery.   Kimiko designs the labels and the vineyards are managed and owned by Takashi and Kimiko. Takashi Atkins has been making the last few vintages of Wine at Waving Tree Winery with Terrence consulting. Janet Detering (Terrence's Sister) prepares the financial statements.  Evelyn-Terrence's wife- manages the Wine club and fills in wherever necessary.

 Waving Tree Vineyards & Winery are located just below the Stonehenge Memorial in the community of Maryhill, WA.  Winemaker Terrence Atkins and family make wine from estate-grown Italian and Rhone grape varietals. Terrence began his winemaking journey in 2001.  He studied the UC Davis oenology books and worked with a couple winemakers before making his own wine. Terrence has passed his knowledge of wine making to his son Takashi Atkins who is making the wine now.  Our vineyards are located in the community of Maryhill, in a region excellent for growing quality grapes. This contributes to our ability to consistently produce award-winning wines. 



Terrence Atkins- CEO and Winemaker.