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Diamond Wine Club To Ship


Members of this Diamond Wine club to ship receive a discount of 30% off all wine purchases. We charge a one time fee of $34.50 members can continue their membership until they send an e-mail to wavingtreewinery@gmail.com when they want to quite. 

  Members receive a shipment of 6 bottles three times a year (shipment is subject to weather); shipped by UPS or Fedex and freight is charged to the customer, at the time of the automatic billing for the wines, including the UPS or shipping charges.  Different wines can be substituted for the new release wines, if members e-mail "wavingtreewinery@gmail.com" or call for changes during the week before the automatic billing which is usually billed the Wednesday before the release weekend. 

Shipping is usually done the Tuesday after the weekend  weather permitting.

 We can ship to, California, Minnesota, Washington, Washington DC and Oregon only.

We also extend invitations to our Wine club members for all Wine Club Events.  Tasting in the tasting room and

winery is included in the wine club fee for members.  They always get 30% off retail price with any purchase at our Winery or Tasting rooms and online through our websit

Wine Releases

We release two new red wines on President’s Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend. Wine club members receive three bottles of each new release for a commitment of 18 bottles each year.

$34.50 One-time Membership Fee

Special Events

  • Valentine’s Day/President’s Day Weekend
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Harvest and Crushing party – usually early October


One week before Waving Tree releases new vintages or wine, you will receive an email to notify you that we will bill your credit card for your club shipment of your Waving Tree wine. The wine will be shipped one week later. (Weather permitting – Sometimes it is too hot or cold to ship the wine) Vintages are subject to availability and may change. Due to state shipping laws, Waving Tree Wine Club is limited to shipping to states where we are legally permitted to ship. Additional restrictions may apply. Wines will not be left without an adult signature must be over 21. Please check your states wine shipping laws.

Automatic UPS shipments or Choose Will Call

The wine will be shipped one week later unless you come in or make other arrangements. (Weather permitting – Sometimes it is too hot or cold to ship the wine)

Wine Pick-ups

Club members may arrange to pick-up wines at events (rather than having them shipped) or at non-event times by calling the Winery to pre-arrange pick-up. All wine club members will receive a 30% discount on all purchases of Waving Tree wines at the Tasting Rooms, on line through our website and at the winery.

  the winery at 509-773-6552 or cell 509-250-1412
Email: wavingtreewinery@gmail.com


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Diamond Wine Club To Ship (6 Bottles/Shipment)


Triannually (3 times a year)

We will charge your credit card prior to each shipment.

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